5Why?! – Training – Problem Resolution – Knowledge Poo

Delivering robust results by deploying the right level of analytics, while systematically improve management processes and building up a knowledge pool for your company.

We all know the symptoms in one shape or other and they are like déja vu:
  • Issues are addressed but reoccur again in similar fashion
  • Problems are not solved despite plenty of effort, knowledge, and good will
  • Results cannot be explained, and one must apply pressure to achieve them
  • Work flows seem to take far too long, but no-one knows why this is
  • Reports and analysis are always late
  • Task weigh heavily on the teams, are a nuisance, and deliver only “ok“ results
  • Each site is starting from scratch despite having the same issues as all others

5Why?! stops the vicious circle of superficial analysis, simple targets with tight deadlines, and ineffective solutions.

With 5Why?! the symptoms will be analyzed with the right set of questions, resulting in specific answers for the root causes. Those can be actioned quickly and effectively. The improvements are based on adequate action and not on pressure, and hence delivering robust and reliable results going forward.

5Why?! – deployment enables leadership to focus on objectives for and development of the individual and the team vs reviewing and putting pressure on ineffective actions. This method rationalizes the discussion, leads quickly to results and intensifies the collaboration. The performance expectation is as high as it was, but now results are delivered up to expectations set and not just excuses.

The methodical approach of addressing the root causes for the annoying symptoms makes it easy to deploy the answers and improvements to other sites or similar work flows.

The various analyses lead de facto automatically to actions. Questions, answers, and improvements are being archived and made available as Knowledge Pool to the organization, reducing efforts and accelerating benefits.

This is what we offer:
  • Training of your employees and support of their first project
  • Support of larger 5Why?!-projects
  • Leadership-coaching during the implementation of the method
  • Set up of monitoring (deployment / results)
  • Deployment and usage of the Knowledge Pool

We use our (private) cloud-based software platform, which will be made available as part of OUR OFFER.