5S – Safe and Productive Work Place

The 5S methodology is a solid base for your improvement projects, establishing a well-organized baseline. In such an environment working is easier, waste is being reduced, and process issues are identified quickly.

The five „S“ are
  1. Sort – is an item necessary or not?
  2. Systemize – has every necessary item a place?
  3. Shine – is the work place clean? Is all equipment well maintained?
  4. Standardize – has the new standard been defined?
  5. Sustain – is this being maintained?

Those steps all have the specific purpose in making your work easier and more productive. Equipment is ready to use and it works within specifications; tools and documents can be found quickly; defects and deviations become easily detectible.

The various forms of waste (mistakes, rework, waiting time, transport etc.) are being made visible and can be effectively addressed. Each fixed root cause reduces effort of the employees – and takes a reason away to mumble and complain. Head and hand can be focused on customer requirements which are more valuable and more fun.

The method is based on the set up of the work-places and principles internalized by the employees. This leads to a clean and orderly environment which directly influences how work is being done.

We have developed a 5S module and checklists as part of our SixSigma software-application which complements our training and consulting offer. We support you also in analyzing the status quo and prioritizing the execution plan as well as preparing and conducting audits.

Documentation and monitoring are included in the application; work-place safety and risk analysis (FMEA) can be drawn from other modules. Action lists derived from management reviews (GEMBA walks) or formal audits can be added and monitored. This should help also your supplier audits.

The 5S module is part of our software tool box. This application is (private-) cloud-based and immediately deployable across your enterprise. If required it can easily be individualized and enhanced.

Interested? Our offer can be found HERE.