Process Structure „end to end“ – SIPOC

Strong processes enable you to control and safeguard your business, leading it to success. As a critical first step you need to be clear on the end to end process structure from supplier to customer including all in- and outputs. We provide you with the methodology and the tool to identify those, building a basis for effective usage and continuous improvement.

SIPOC stands for Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer and is a classic SixSigma tool, helping to understand a process or a chain of processes.

The center is constituted by the process steps (or sub-processes), complemented by the inputs and outputs of the process. And for those the suppliers providing the inputs and customers demanding the outputs are defined. In a table read from left to right it starts with the supplier and ends with the customer.

Suppliers and customers can be external or internal. Inputs and outputs may be products, services, or data and are the connections to other SIPOC-overviews.

A simple administrative example to illustrate the method:

Providing a presentation to the Managing Director

  • Your manager
  • Managing Director   
  • Business area   
  • Request with scope and timeline
  • Objectives and requirements for presentation
  • Expectation of Managing Director
  • Information (=content)
  • Receiving and checking of the request
  • Collecting and validating data / info
  • Drafting charts and graphics
  • Compile appendix
  • Finalize layout
  • Internal review of presentation
  • Deliver presentation by e-mail
  • Presentation
  • Back Up / appendix
  • Delivering e-mail
  • Your Manager
  • Managing Director   
For a single report this may read overly complicated, but if your intention is to improve the overall reporting within your department or company SIPOC will be an effective starting point.

The value provided by this methodology results primarily from understanding the end to end process structure. This is complemented by the direct linkage to the individual processes and the associated risk analysis (FMEA). And last but not least by working this in a methodic fashion the result is properly documented and can be audited anytime, reducing effort and increasing trust in the business system.

We provide SIPOC as part of our productivity tools and knowledge pool offering including a software application in our tool box. This application is (private-) cloud-based and immediately deployable across your enterprise. If required it can easily be individualized and enhanced.

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