x$ - Cross-Selling

We support business owners and sales leaders to create sales growth with existing clients when being under (external) pressure.

You are under pressure. After a take-over the new owners want results. The bank is questioning your line of credit. A lost customer weighs heavily on the results for the year. Three very different scenarios and you might add various more, but all require results by your decisive actions.

Realizing growth with available products and services sold to existing customers is an opportunity often not being used – not even when external pressure would ask for it. But in particular for situations described above cross selling offers a fast track to gain support and time by quickly increasing sales with robust and explainable actions.

An analysis of sales by customer and product for the past twelve months will provide an estimate of the potential – 10% revenue growth are feasible, often more.

With 75 customers and 20 products there are 1,500 possible sales combinations, which can be prioritized by probability. The customer action plans with 20 to 30 actions per sales rep are directly derived from this analysis.

Analysis and deployment can be realized within a week. Company requirements are a set of customer-product data, two hours of time with product mgmt. to understand the specificities of your portfolio, and the will to execute by management.

The first sales success is then question of days and weeks (not months and quarters).

And this fast execution and results are critical for those tough situations. The tremendous external pressure can be transformed into positive actions and must not paralyze the company. Creating sales is probably the best action available.

Orders, revenues, and profits are results of this method. You can explain them clearly to your internal and external stakeholders, so they trust in the robustness of those. You gain trust, support, and time for the other critical actions to be taken.

This is complemented by specific customer feed-back. Why are some not buying your products or services? This provides you with the opportunity to react with solutions and offerings addressing their reasons.

A virtuous circle can start for your business.

Our offer for you: With 30 minutes of your time we can make a start and discuss how valuable this method might be for your business. OFFER