Six Sigma: Productivity Tools & Knowledge Pool

We believe in consistent methodology in the triad of analytics, leadership and tools to support productivity improvement and quality management. A tool box with software applications is helping us and is offered as a cloud-solution to you.

This set of tools enables you to systematically deploy the methods underlying them. In parallel, a knowledge pool is being built up, allowing for usage across teams, functions, and sites while documenting the approach and its results in a ready to be audited fashion.

We are convinced the quality of your products and processes can be improved and cost can be reduced by deploying the offered tools. The first steps will already initiate a virtuous cycle of improvements and benefits.

The following tools are already availabe:
  • 5S – productive work-place
  • SIPOC – process structure
  • Ishikawa – cause & effect
  • 5Why?! – root cause analysis
  • FMEA – risk analysis
  • Decision matrix
  • Tasks – management of actions
  • 8D-report (QM/PM) – documentation

Our software is (private-) cloud-based and hence immediately deployable for all your sites. The application can easily be adapted and complemented by specific functional demands.

We offer an introduction to the methods and an implementation concept for your organization. This is complemented with specific small group intensifications for 5Why?! and FMEA as well as support for the first projects. Results are accelerated and enhanced.

While working the projects a knowledge pool is created for your company. This enables you to utilize the analyses and action plans across business segments and sites leading to a significant productivity gain. The database can be used for internal and external audits as required. There are no additional works steps necessary, as this is automatically achieved when working the projects in our software. Less effort for your employees leaving more time for the critical work, in particular with your customers.

Complementing training and implementation we offer workflow and monitoring support as well as helping with your performance mgmt. and reporting.

Last but not least we are strongly recommending deploying the methodology as part of your leadership process and offer the associated coaching. The objective is to realize the full potential of the enterprise ensuring the employees are well equipped technically and supported to achieve the result targets. This requires training AND leadership.

Want to start?
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